3 Words – 11/27 – Taking a Risk

When we meet someone new
Our heart, our soul, our gut
Tells us if we should risk
Moving forward with them.
The biggest hurdle we
find is coordinating
our heart and our mind.
Some people have a touch
so special it prompts us
to continue despite
a feeling that something
doesn’t fit in with where
our own path is heading.
At times it’s worth the risk
to follow the other’s path
To learn lessons we must
endure – while knowing in
our core that the connection
will end painfully.
The challenge is protecting
our delicate ego
while tasting the sweet fruit
the person offers us.
Living for the moment,
with no worry about
a future together.
Knowing when the future
comes we’ll be left only
with the lingering sting
of the bittersweet times
spent following a path
not meant for permanence.



(Write incorporating 3 words – risks, that, tell)



Thank you

Your voice brings a smile to my eyes that I can never hide.
Your presence brings an amazing light into my life that no one can dim.
Your perspective is objective, kind (often teasing) and full of wisdom.
Every time we talk, even weeks or months in between, I feel better about everything.
So unexpected and incredibly welcome, our friendship has been a blessing.
With each year, I am more thankful to have found a way into your thoughts.
And thank you for reminding me of who I really am.

My friends made sure my bad choices weren’t tragedies

The Steubenvile, Ohio, rape case is the most recent case to show how impersonal and hands off our society has become.

There is nothing about this case that gives me an okay feeling.

A girl made a mistake and drank too much. I’ve been there. Many times. It’s not a good place to be.

Her own “friends” left her hanging out to dry and didn’t a) watch over her to make sure she was okay that night and b) told law enforcement and attorneys that she typically drank too much and was a liar. In what world are these actually “friends.”

The boys not only took advantage of the girl, but videotaped it, photographed it and joked about it. Disgusting. No further remarks are necessary

NONE of the other kids at any of the parties or the houses helped her. In what civilized society do people allow this to happen?

What in the hell!?!?!?

I’m not proud of it, but let me be honest. I made plenty of bad party choices in college. But I had real friends who watched out for me. If they were the ones making bad choices, I watched out for them. We made it through college with few battle scars — only those that could be joked about later.

The people we were around had respect for others – even the ones we didn’t know. There was community.

I remember that one of the girls in my dorm OD’d on alcohol my freshman year. Other people got her help. She survived.

Community. Responsibility.

Where is it? Where was it in Steubenville? Not just at one party, but SEVERAL?

And, let’s be truthful here, we all know this isn’t an isolated incident. This is just the most recent high profile case. I am sure these kinds of things happen frequently and don’t always make the news.

What are we doing wrong as parents, as a society, that this generation of kids don’t have that sense of compassion, responsibility, empathy, community? I don’t understand.

I truly hope that this girl can recover. Although I’m sure it will be a horrible memory for the rest of her life.

I hope that every one of the other kids who were involved in any way — a bystander, received a text, saw a picture — is haunted for the rest of his/her life for standing by and doing nothing, just making things worse by playing a part.

I hope that this verdict is a lesson that this CANNOT continue to happen. There are repercussions to actions or lack of action. People need to get involved. Silence does truly give consent – by standing by, you are allowing things to happen. It’s not okay, it’s not good, it’s not acceptable.

To my friends and all the people I have known — a sincere thank you for never being THAT kind of person who would think nothing of taking advantage of someone who does not have control of all of their faculties. Thank you for making me feel safe no matter what.

I hope that my children will always have the kind of friends I have had.

It’s on! The battle of the blogs!

I grew up in a small suburb in NE Ohio that was, and still is much like Mayberry. Everyone knows everyone and friends are more like family. Most of the people I consider my dearest friends are those I’ve known since I was in preschool or grade school.

There is one person on this planet with whom I compete (on a friendly basis) more than any other. He has had a blog on and off for a while that has been a hit with the Mayberry W-I-C-K crew via social media and beyond. You see, not only has he been professionally more successful than I in the general sense, but he has had great success on the writing front in the media arena. So, he had also his blog “out there” on the web because he knows people. I am a newbie to this blog thing. He’s actually an established writer.

My friend, let’s just call him Pat, is just a nice guy. He’s likeable. He has a great family, a wonderful wife (whom I also consider a friend), great friends, is athletic, intelligent and has a great sense of humor. I, on the other hand, while I have great kids, have had a decent career, have great friends, am completely unathletic, am recently divorced, am really floundering with where I belong on this planet. Pat just has his stuff together. I clearly don’t. One thing that he will NEVER beat me at is cynicism. I ROCK at that crap. I have a heart of gold (yes, he does, too), but man, I can be just down right evil. I embrace that side of me. I can look at such a beautiful situation and see how it can all fall apart. Ya. And I’ll giggle to myself.

Now, I’ve seen that schaudenfraude in Pat, too. I think that’s where this entire competition thing began. When we were seniors in high school, I was kicking his ass in grade point averages, but in the last semester they counted he beat me by .005. That’s it. Instead of being gracious, he took his place beside me in the Top 10 in our graduating class, leans over and whispers, “HA! I win.” Now he claims not to remember this. I cannot forget. Not to say that I wouldn’t have done the same to him. But those three words have lit a fire under me since then.

Pat took a hiatus from blogging and recently posted his return about his most recent success in regard to weight loss. I’m sitting her on my overweight ass lamenting daily about how I really need to drop these lbs and he’s just getting his speedo body back. Yes, I’m happy for him. We’re over 40 and really need to ensure we’re healthy for the next half of our lives. I do agree. Okay. Fire lit once again. One of these days – in our adult years, I’ll at least be in the same race he’s running. (Did I also mention he runs competitively? I can barely walk down my driveway without getting out of breath – stupid busted up knees. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I really did blow out my knee when I fell off of a mule – that’s a story for another time.)

Yes, I know, life is not a competition. All of this is truly a friendly thing. I celebrate Pat’s victories and am right there cheering him on. Please check him out at www.theystillcallmedaddy.com  But, I am hereby declaring this the battle of the blogs.

I’d like to think I’m not the only one out here who has someone with whom they have friendly competitions.