Finally Free – Part 9 – The Finale (3 words – 2/14/16)

“Beth, your brother is here to see you.”

I could hear the voice gently letting me know that I had company. But I was too tired to even open my eyes.

They were talking, but I couldn’t make out much more than just the basics about me being shared. Words like “devastating wounds,” “stunning recovery so far,” “long way to go,” and “amazing will to live” were what I could decipher. Everything seemed mumbled and disjointed.

I heard a chair being moved closer to my bed then felt a man’s hand take mine in his.

The breath on my ear made my heart freeze. I just knew it was him. I struggled to open my eyes and did all that I could to move. His hand quickly covered my mouth and nose as he whispered in my ear, “I told you you’d never escape me.”

Tears streamed from my eyes. I was powerless to move. All I could do was watch as he took the syringe from his pocket and readied himself to inject something into my IV. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. This will be quick. Just a little potassium chloride.”

He bent to kiss my lips as he pushed the plunger on the syringe.

The pain was excruciating as if my heart dropped out of my chest.

Then I felt nothing.




 Write incorporating 3 words – more, stunning, drop

Cross posted on my author’s site – And Then What Happened?





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