Finally Free – Part 8 (3 words – 2/13/16)

Taking a deep breath I continued. “My dog, Angel, truly was just that. She did all she could to keep me safe from him. It broke my heart when I had to leave her behind. I was so afraid for her. That’s how he was able to get to me. He knew I’d want her back – specially since I hadn’t seen her in ages. He knew where I lived, so he showed up at my place saying that she had gotten hurt and he needed me to go with him to the vet. I knew I shouldn’t trust him. I absolutely knew better, but he had a whole act going on. He was crying, shaking, and couldn’t seem to keep his thoughts straight. All I can guess now is that he was nervous and was probably on some sort of drug.”

The nurse walked around the bed to check my IV and all of the machines I was hooked up to. I could hear from the monitor that my heart rate was way up. I closed my eyes for a moment trying to calm my thoughts and my body.

“When I got into the car, he leaned over as if to get something out of the glove compartment and stuck a needle in my thigh. I don’t really remember anything after that until I woke up tied to a table.”

I began to shake uncontrollably. The nurse ran out of the room and shouted something I couldn’t quite understand. The doctor moved to the head of my bed and busied himself with the machines and IVs. The police officer quickly stood and moved his chair out of the way as the nurse ran back in with a syringe and another IV bag.

“Take a deep breath, Beth. You’ll be okay.” The nurse used her most reassuring voice, but that sent me into an even worse panic. Gasping for breath, I welcomed the oxygen mask she quickly placed over my nose and mouth. “Don’t worry. We gave you something to sleep,” were the last words I heard her say.

to be continued…


Write incorporating 3 words – over, better, age

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