Finally Free – Part 5 (3 words – 2/10/16)

I wish I could say I slept well and deeply, but my dreams were nonstop and always disturbing. Yet, when I awoke, I couldn’t remember any specifics. But the feelings of being terrified, alone, and brutalized continued to stab the back of my consciousness.

I was alone in the room. For that I was beyond thankful. Judging by the soreness of my throat, I was sure that I had been screaming in my sleep. The red marks on my wrists showed me that they had restrained me at one point or another. I wasn’t surprised. After the time he kept me captive, screaming in my sleep and hospital wrist restraints were a walk in the park.

The machines beeping away by my head drew my attention. I looked back and noticed that they had removed one of my IV bags while I slept, but I still felt the chilly sensation of medication flowing into my veins.

I studied the room I was in and memorized every corner, every tile in the ceiling. I easily realized that I was high off the ground. Yet, the clouds were moving so slowly and I only saw a few airplanes. It was eerily peaceful outside which led me to thinking that it almost looked staged.

A sound drew my attention back to an odd diagonal wall next to my door that had a window in it. A curtain was closed so I could not look out, but I was sure that it opened directly into the nurses’ station.

As I was studying the window, the curtain moved slightly and a woman’s face peered in at me. Before the curtain closed again, my door opened and in walked in a doctor, a nurse and two policemen.

“Ma’am, we’d like to ask you a few questions.” The older of the two policemen met my eyes with an unwavering stare. “I promise we won’t take too long today. I’m sure you understand we need to speak with you.”

to be continued…


Write incorporating 3 words – thinking, direct, questions

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