The wind blew with a surprising gentleness, the sides of the tent barely moving despite the lack of protection from the elements. Slowly stretching he rolled over and brushed the hair from her cheek. She inhaled deeply, snuggling deeper in her sleeping bag. Rising silently he exited the tent. Not stepping far from her, he stood looking out across the vastness before him. In the peaceful stillness of dawn the sun had not yet appeared above the mountain’s summit leaving the valley below covered in shadow. Closing his eyes and inhaling deeply he acknowledged that he had never before felt this type of serenity. Stuffing his hands deeply in his pockets, he listened to the sounds of morning surrounding him. He slowly opened his eyes as the sun began to peak above the ridge and watched the light slowly creep across the boulders and crevasses. The touch of a hand at the small of his back caused his heart to race and a smile spread across his face.


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