And so I trusted…

Years lost
to broken promises.
Rare trust
in anyone’s words, deeds.
And then
we met and the walls fell.
Threw myself
into you, the abyss.
from you, but I trusted.
in you, your brokenness.
My heart
cracked open. I waited.
“Not now,”
you said. “I cherish you,”
you said.
I chose to wait and trust.
Your deeds
never changed. Your heart did.
honesty. Always there
for me
when I needed my friend.
for you still hearing you
say, “Not
now.”  And so I trusted.
wavering in my faith
in you.
Then I peaked and learned what
lies you
had told me. Betraying
my trust.
Truth would have been easy
to hear.
Yet, while claiming honest
words, you
lied. Completely. My trust
once again. A month gone
and still
it hurts. I would have been
for you if you had shown
to me and to my heart
that I
had opened fully to you.


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