Open letter to my Earth Angels

The past 30 months have been challenging to say the least. Some of which I have fallen down while trying to learn the lessons put in front of me. Some I feel I have learned with honors. I have begged and pleaded at times for the challenges to lessen or to cease completely. Yet, “the voice” always would remind me – “Ask not for your load to be lightened, only the strength to endure.”  I am finally understanding that each of these challenges have taught me invaluable lessons and each of these lessons were necessary for me to move forward. So, thank you to my Angels – those who are physically here with me and those which never leave my side. You have helped me to become the woman I am now – the woman I was not three years ago. Certainly not the woman I was even a year ago.

I have been blessed over and over again. My prayers have been answered in numerous ways and I am humbled.

Thank you.


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