My facade

The façade begins to crumble
causing rumbling beneath my feet.
For so long I’ve managed
To keep the appearance of
Being in control.
Although those who know me best,
Understand who I really am.
They see my insecurities.
My weaknesses.
My failures.

Yet they also see my potential.
They provide encouragement, support
And non-judgemental love.
I’ve counted on them
to keep my secrets
Believing that if others knew
That so much of me is only a façade,
Which I’ve hidden behind,
Their opinion of me would change.

As my true self becomes unhidden,
I feel a lightness that
I’ve never felt before.
Despite the uneven ground beneath my feet
and the debris falling around me,
I feel beautiful.
I feel confident.
Things I’ve never felt before.

I’m growing stronger.
I’m beginning to break down
The walls of my façade.
I’ve been so afraid to be me,
To allow anyone to know
The entire story behind
Who I am.

I can look back and see
The progress I’ve made.
The road has been long
And full of hurdles.
But it’s getting easier
Without the weight of my past
on my shoulders.
I am blessed for every day
I’ve breathed and look forward
To all of the beautiful things
I know I will find along
The road ahead unburdened
By the walls I’ve carried with me.




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