What if everything you know is a dream?

One of my favorite movies with Jim Carrey is “The Truman Show.” It’s a beautifully sad movie about a man who grew up as the star of a television show. The problem was – he didn’t know it was only television. Everything he knew was fake and was planned out by the show writers and producers.

I’ve dabbled with similar thoughts about my own life…

What if it just wasn’t real?
What if everything that I believe is happening is only a dream?
What if the memories I hold to so tightly were only fantasies?
What if real life is so tough that I am lost in imagination only to escape my reality?

Along this train of thought, dear Edgar Allen Poe wrote the following:

     All that we see or seem
           Is but a dream within a dream.


What if that mistake I made didn’t really happen? Maybe it was just a figment of my imagination. Maybe my entire Fall of 2013 was just a nightmare that I’m still waking up from?

I dream incredibly vividly. Often they are Fellini-esque dreams with random happenings and odd characters based somehow on people I know. Actually, not unlike my allegedly awake moments.

I don’t have a lot of insight on this, I’m just full of contemplation.

Maybe I’m dreaming right now and that’s why I can’t focus…….


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