Smileless eyes

From time to time she sees her –
The young woman she used to be.
The one pushed down far inside
Hidden from those who might see.
So few look closely now to learn
Those things hidden from sight.
The sparkle in her eyes had been
obvious and so incredibly bright.
Her smile rarely reaches them now
After disappointments year after year
Blatent lies, and empty words,
Promises she can no longer hear.
She held out hope for so very long
Wanting, needing to believe the words
Finally the bleakness drained her
And her focus became only a blur.
All of her hopes and dreams were
Shattered after promises fell flat
She kept moving forward and prayed
But all of the words were only that.
Maybe a miracle would happen
And promises would be real
Deep in her heart the lies piled
But eventually she began to heal.
She took the steps she needed
To strive for the life she planned
Stronger she grew day after day
Yet always over her shoulder she scanned.
She dreaded the tough decisions knowing
Forever different her life would be
The pain and let downs had for so long
Been a horrid sense of security.
When she knew she had to step up
She feared always she’d fail
Never taking a risk was easy
Only she suffered self-betrayal.
These days the smile at times
Reaches her eyes, often along with tears.
She’d been so accustomed to sadness
The beauty of life ignites her fears.
One day, she believes, she will
grow from all of the buried pain.
For now, she does her best to smile
in her eyes despite life’s strain.

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