He took off the wedding ring she knew he wore before he entered the room, hiding it safely in his pocket. Walking slowly, he held his arms behind his back holding tightly to the flowers he brought for her.

As she turned to greet him, his heart skipped a beat. She never failed to have that effect on him. Her smile was contagious and her eyes looked into his soul.

It always felt like home when they were together.

Yet, it wasn’t his home. She didn’t belong to him. He was fully aware that what they were doing was wrong in the eyes of the majority, but… He was committed. He didn’t want things to change. The energy he felt when he was in her presence was addictive. She completed his world.

His wife and children gave him all the love and adoration he needed. But there was something missing. Passion that he found here with her.

He would never give up his family. He acknowledged that he was risking that happy family portrait that he so valued. But, he couldn’t stop. He didn’t want to stop. And no one was asking him for more than he was providing to them.

He felt that his life was complete.

She walked toward him. Always happy to see him. Always willing to meet all of his needs – intellectually, emotionally, physically. If he provided to her half of what she gave to him, he would be content and could believe she was happy.

And she always seemed to be.

No arguments. No demands of his time. No nagging. Just peaceful togetherness enjoying whatever they wanted to do during the moments they shared.

He smiled at her, pulled the flowers from behind his back and watched as her entire body glowed. He loved the effect that simple things had on her. He loved her appreciation for his old fashioned, from the heart gestures.

She took the flowers to put them in a vase and he watched her body move smoothly as she walked back into the kitchen.

She had way of moving calmly, as if her body flowed through the air. It was nothing less than art. He saw others’ reactions when she walked past seeing on their faces that she affected others similarly. People were pulled into her aura.

He knew he was lucky to have been selected to be part of her life. Blessed even.

At the beginning, he had felt guilty about their time together. He believed that their connection would kill him somehow, but it made him feel alive. He had reached a comfortable understanding within himself. He would sometimes dream about what they could be, but knew in his heart that those thoughts would lead nowhere. They could count stars as often as they wanted, but they knew the limitations of the relationship.

It sometimes hurt when he learned that she was out with someone else, but she needed a life while he spent time with his family. He understood. He knew that no one could ever know what happened here. Few would ever understand.

He would give her anything as long as it didn’t interfere with his time with his family. She never took advantage. She only appreciated.

She turned back to him after the flowers were placed perfectly in an etched glass vase.

She walked slowly up to him, wrapped her arms around his neck and molding her body against his, she whispered, “Thank you, baby.”

He pulled her against him tightly, feeling his heart burst with the joy of feeling alive, as a tear left a trail of unacknowledged pain down his cheek.

He couldn’t see the distant and determined look in her eyes as he held her. Only she knew that the wine she had poured would not have the effect he would expect. No one could ever know what happened here. And she would make sure of that.



Written in response to the Speakeasy #148


Using the words “No one could ever know what happened here” and the video prompt One Republic – Counting Stars




33 thoughts on “Forbidden

  1. As they say,if it seems to good to be true,it must be!He became too complacent having his cake and eating it too!Never take things-rather relationships for granted,huh?Am glad she decided to take action 😉 A wonderful tale of love and betrayal,with a surprise twist at the end-enjoyed reading it:-)

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  3. Fantastic. This is smoothly and lovingly described. She felt like someone I had met before and desired. Too bad she had different plans than he ever expected. A woman that perfect has to have a serious downside somewhere. I don’t suppose he survived it?

    • Thank you!
      I don’t imagine that he did.
      I envision her as a broken woman who can still maintain her outward elegance and sexuality, but feels more of a hollow shell inside. Who feels she doesn’t have much to lose on her way to regaining her sense of control.

  4. Huh. I am trying to figure out what to comment on. Lots of stuff here… Murder… I never thought of that! 🙂

    Your writing is becoming even more powerful, my dear.

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