His warm body pressed against me is one of the first things that reaches my consciousness when I awake every morning.

He shifts to get more comfortable and nuzzles closer.

I smile every time he does this. Every day.

The soft rise and fall of his body is such great comfort to my soul.

I am lovable. I am loved. I have constant support and protection.

When he entered my life nearly five years ago, I had no idea we’d bond like this.

Always there when I need him. Silently comforting me.

His beautiful brown eyes are always filled with such love when he looks at me.

Our affection for one another and our dependence on one another surpasses any other relationship I’ve ever had. I know I’d be lost without his constant presence.

He was brought into my life when I asked for him. Or rather I asked for something by his name and he appeared. An incredible blessing better than I’d imagined. A reminder that God always provides what we need.

He moves again and lays his head on my arm.

I feel his breath on my cheek and my smile grows.

I slowly open my eyes and see his brown eyes looking lovingly at me.

Before I can stop him he licks my face.

I reach out and rub his hair, burying my hand in the fur around his neck.

He licks my arm showing me how much he adores me and I hear his tail hitting the bed expressing his happiness.

I love this dog.



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