I couldn’t see through the scarf across my eyes,
but I could hear him moving around the room.
I felt
I sat there
Just waiting.
Patient and eager.
I heard the lighting of a match,
then the calming smell of vanilla.
He had promised an evening of romance
And had certainly followed through.

A fantastic dinner in a private room
Exotic delights that tortured my tastebuds as they ached for more.
Just the two of us
Touching each other across the table.

He drove us to the best hotel in the city.
He had packed for both of us without me knowing.

Our room was ready
filled with roses of all colors and sizes
vases placed perfectly so the room was filled with their scent
unscented candles flickering and casting shadows along the walls
champagne and strawberries

The balcony door was open just enough to allow a warm breeze to enter.
We had kissed with every step as we crossed the room.
We stood on the balcony with our arms wrapped around one another
watching the passersby far below
High enough to not hear the traffic noise
High enough to have a beautiful view of the city spreading out in front of us
High enough that it was simply intoxicating to just stand side-by-side and be.
He kissed me again
Then took my hand and walked me to the bed.

“Trust me,” he whispered as he sat me down on the side of the king size bed.
I looked at him, smiled and said, “I do.”
He pulled a silk scarf from his jacket pocket, trailed it along my bare arm and shoulder as he gazed into my soul,
then tied it gently across my eyes.
“Don’t move,” his breath was warm as he whispered in my ear,
then flicked his tongue across my earlobe causing my body to shake in response.

He chuckled softly and I could hear him move across the room.

So here I sit
I can feel the smile on my face as I try to determine his movements.
I know he’s walking back toward me

His hand touches my thigh and causes my heart to beat rapidly.
I feel his other hand gently grash my knee and move my leg as I feel his body sinking down to kneel before me.


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