Oh Chris Cornell… I love your words

I am a child of the 80s, but really enjoyed when grunge came on the scene. I was a little old to have grunge be my teen angst anthem, but I loved the voices. I’m a HUGE fan of Pearl Jam and also Soundgarden. Now that it’s 20 years later, I’m rediscovering my love for Chris Cornell. His voice captivates me like few others. I think I could listen to him sing and play guitar for days. Oh, wait. I did that all of last fall. Over and over I’d play his album “Eupohria Morning” (released in 1999) while I was at work.

Two songs in particular really hit me in the heart. The first is “Can’t Change Me.” The second is “Flutter Girl.” His voice, the lyrics, everything about these songs is purely addictive to me.

Can’t Change Me” has been running through my head this morning in response (I think) to a phone call I received yesterday truly out of the blue that has my head spinning – in a very bittersweet way. My muse is a complicated man working through his “issues” (no judgment, we all have them). I can see what a beautiful soul he has despite (or rather because of) everything he’s been through. He reminded me last night that he’s on his path and needs to stay the course. It was a great phone call filled with good conversation and heartfelt thoughts.

People inspire me in various ways and for whatever reason, he makes me feel empowered. What a fantastic gift to impart to someone.

Flutter Girl” makes me think of me and how I impulsively I continually pursue things/people who may not be the best for me. I do try to see the best in people as much as I possibly can, but tend to overlook “warnings.” I don’t always listen to my gut because I’m looking for that adventure, that spark of living that keeps me going.

In any event, I think I could gush about these songs and why they strike home with me probably all day, but I really need to put my headphones back on and imagine how I’m going to change the world.

Give them a listen.


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