26 Times – Daily Prompt 1/26/14

Everywhere she looked she’d see the numbers 2 and 6.

Her car had 26,262 miles on it.Her pedometer registered 2,626 steps before she sat at her desk at work.

When she looked at the clock it was 12:26 or 2:26.

A few 26s would have been fine. A mere coincidence. But the numbers continued day after day.

It began to consumer her.

26 new messages in her inbox.

The total at the store was $262.60.

She looked up meanings of 26 and was reminded that there are 26 letters in the alphabet, Jesus was 26 when his adoptive father died; 26 is slang for a lot of alcohol, kissing or smoking a hooka. In numerology, 8 (the sum of 2 & 6) is all about the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

What could all of this mean to her? She lived a simple life. Had done no one harm. Worked hard. She dreamt of peaceful things.

Her friends blew off her concern saying that she’s reading too much into it. “They are just numbers.” “Don’t look for a meaning, you’ll make yourself crazy.” “What’s to be will be.”

She began to count the days that she’d been seeing the numbers.

Today was day 25.

Anxiety grew in her heart. What would day 26 bring?

Through the night with no possibility of sleep she counted to 26 over and over again.

As she got ready for work the next morning, she realized that there are 26 teeth in her comb and 26 sets of bristles on her toothbrush.

Continually taking deep breaths to calm her beating heart, she drove to work, parked her car in what she realized was the 26th space away from her building. As she walked, she found herself counting her steps. But only up to the number 26, then she’d start over.

The morning was uneventful, yet she found herself looking at the clock at precisely 26 minutes after every hour.

Then at 2:26, 26 mixed color roses were delivered to her desk with a message of 26 words:

I send these flowers hoping that you, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, will join me for dinner tonight. Yes? 6:30 100 Twenty-Sixth Street.

Her heart pounded in her chest.

And yet…. her curiosity won out above her fear. She told her friends where she’d be and when.

She dressed slowly, nervous, yet determined.

The taxi dropped her off at precisely 6:26.

She cautiously walked into the restaurant. As she waited for the maître d’, she counted the tables. 26

She followed the maître d’ to her table and no one was there.

Confused, she sat down and waited.

The tables around her were full of couples talking in hushed tones.

She suddenly felt a warm, gentle hand on her shoulder and her heart stopped.

She turned, trying not to panic and looked up the black tailored suit, past the crisp beige shirt and burgundy tie.

It was him.

The years hadn’t changed him at all.

She felt her smile spread across her face.

It was going to be a beautiful night.





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