3 Words – 12/10 – The Man in the Hat

She extended her hand out in front of her to steady herself in the dark. Slowly walking forward, her hand felt the smooth, cool surface of the wall. Hearing her own heart beating in the silence, her anxiety grew as she walked forward, her hand leading the way. The parameter of her room seemed larger than she had ever realized. As she crept toward the door, she heard the whispered voice coming from the hallway again. Knowing she was alone in the house, the fear seemed to stop her breath.  She was terrified to learn who was in the dark house with her, but if she stayed in her bed, she would have felt helpless.

Her hand closed around the doorknob.

She slowly opened the door and saw the shadow of a man wearing a Fedora hat moving down the hall toward her room. She closed the door, leaned back against it and felt the tears streaming down her face.

“He’s back,” she thought with fear filling her heart.


(Write incorporating 3 words – extended, realize, wall)



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