Faded Versions of Ourselves

We began so fresh and positive.
The years have taken their toll
stripping the enthusiasm
from our favorite activities;
draining the sparkle from our eyes.
We go through the motions
hoping that good intentions
will give us a competitive edge
so that one day, our dreams
will come true.
We watch silently from the side
as others, the rule breakers,
continue to come out ahead
and live the lives we had planned.

We walk among friends hiding
all of our true emotions from
their loving view. We pretend.
We paint on the smiles that everyone
expects to see on our faces.
Sometimes we can hide the emptiness
the spills out from our eyes.
But those who understand
can see so clearly that we are not there.
Just going through the motions.

We were so bright we could outshine
the best. Bringing our unique,
beautiful perspectives and twists
to the most ordinary moments.
While the brightness has faded
with disappointment and pain,
there is a fire deep within that
illuminates us even on our darkest days.
We still shine brighter than most
and only those who have known us the longest
or can see a reflection of themselves
in the sadness in our eyes recognize
the pain we try so hard to hide.

We will continue to jump the hurdles
and strive to impress anyone we can
because it’s what drives us most.
But we know that we are simply
faded versions of ourselves.


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