Patience is bitter

My motivational calendar tells me

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.


One thing I’ve never been is patient. I’m always charging ahead, figurative guns blazing. While I understand that things happen in their own time, you can’t control everything, nor can you make someone do something they don’t want to…. I still think I can do it all.

I know I’m not alone in this. I also know that part of this is built from many years of frustration and feeling out of control. It’s definitely a Type A – need-to-control-everything kind of trait which just leads to more frustration, anxiety and disappointment.

Yes, we reap great rewards when we wait for the universe to give us what we need and are deserving of, but what about forging our own trail? What about setting goals? What about achievement? Isn’t the fruit received by working hard just as sweet? Or do we sit back and wait for things to come?

Does it mean we should take a breath and realize that when we don’t reach our goal, that there is something still coming if we stay the course? But what about when hard work and dedication doesn’t get you any closer to what you want? Is something better around the corner? How quickly do we reach the next corner that hides the prize? Is it months? Years? Decades?

I have to think it’s all about faith. Faith in yourself. Faith in the universe. Faith in hard work. Faith in God.

Disappointment is part of life. We need to roll with the punches and still remind ourselves of our goals. While we may not find that perfect cream-colored house with the picket fence and big front porch, we may find a beautiful tan home with a split rail fence out front that has an office we hadn’t even considered.

The steps of achievement in our lives sometimes look a little different from our goals, but will fit into our life in a way that will provide new vistas and roll into new goals and dreams. We just need to take a breath and believe that while we can achieve our goals, the taste of success may not be the flavor we had imagined. Given time, and often hindsight, the bouquet of it all will be exactly what you needed to make the next move toward the pinnacle.



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