3 words – 11/12/13 – Taking Chances



The young man stood beside the door to the café’ trying to muster the courage to enter. He had wanted for so long to talk to her and this was his best opportunity. She sat in the booth next to the window so close to him.

He hid his face in the safety of his black hoodie so she wouldn’t notice him. His desire to meet her urged him forward, but the fear in his stomach held him back.  

He was sure that she would recognize him from school, but there she was always surrounded by friends and he didn’t have the confidence to approach her there.  He considered enlisting the help of friends to facilitate an introduction, but was afraid of rejection with witnesses.

He stood in the cold watching other couples walk confidently in and out of the café’ feeling envy (and anxiety) growing in his gut.

He knew it was now or never. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath of the brisk fall air, put his hood down and reached for the door handle.

He heard voices behind him, turned to look and saw her best friends walking to the door. He glanced at her through the window, saw her smile brightly at her friends and give a quick wave.

Opening the door for the girls he knew from school, his heart dropped into his chest. As he released the door from his hand, he stepped back and sighed knowing he’d missed a perfect opportunity because of his fear.



(Write incorporating 3 words – stand, urge, help)



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