Shattered pieces and kaleidoscopes

A tattered piece of paper found
in a wallet years ago said –
I fear one more angry word or look will shatter my soul into a million pieces.

Memories of a life gone astray.

Everything I had was focused on a relationship that never became what I had dreamt of
And ultimately it ended.

I held my head high and kept moving forward
Walking gingerly through the gauntlet as the axes connected with my raw emotions.
Some of the blows I could deflect. Many only gave minor bruises.
A few I outmaneuvered.
I kept moving seeing a light at the end of the torment.

Without realizing, I reached a space with no more attacks.
Barely able to breathe, I lifted my face to feel the warmth of the sun
And took steps forward believing the gauntlet had ended.
I closed my eyes and trusted.

A few of the wounds on my soul began to heal.

Hearing a noise, I opened my eyes just as another axe struck.
The pain forced me to my knees, but I held my breath
And kept moving forward
Understanding that if I stopped moving I’d never move again.

Shattered and broken, I found myself in the clearing.
Not able to believe the blows had ended,
I looked over my soul and saw all of the fragments of me
No longer whole, but fractured, damaged, splintered.
Completely changed from what I had been.

As I continued to analyze the shreds that remained,
I saw the light glistening on the pieces of my soul
It was then that I realized — I had survived.
No longer the same, but something still complete.

I heard a comforting voice reminding me that
Shattered pieces make the most beautiful kaleidoscopes.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Submitted to’s Weekend Moonshine Grid on February 14, 2014



9 thoughts on “Shattered pieces and kaleidoscopes

  1. They sure do. But man, the shattering is not fun!
    By the way, I like how you structured this – rather like a kaleidoscope, huh?

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