Daily Prompt 10/22: Sad But True

What is the harshest, most difficult, but accurate criticism I’ve received?


This one is tough to admit.

A few years back, I was in a job that was torturous. It wasn’t the work. The position was actually my dream job – filled with most everything my heart had desired in a work situation. I was so completely excited about the job and the work I was able to do everyday running Marketing for a small organization.

Unfortunately, despite my positivity about the job itself, the woman I worked for expected me to be in more of a support role rather than the leadership role for which I was hired. It quickly became a battle of wills, escalating far beyond what I’d consider acceptable in any professional environment.

During one of my one-on-ones with the new hire who became boss to both of us, I had presented a light-hearted background about myself so that we could understand each other better. After my presentation, he told me that I have no follow through. That many of the projects or goals I had told him about, I had not completed and that my lack of follow-through is also on the workfront.


While I understand he was trying to be constructive (in some twisted way), he was right on the personal front. On the workfront, not so much.

Over the years, I’ve started and stopped many different projects for many different reasons. Some of the reasons were due to difficulties at home and lack of support. Some were because I lost enthusiasm.

I’ve been working on this “character deficiency” for the past few years and have completed some of my outstanding projects. I’ve also started and stopped one or two others. A huge step for me was starting this blog and I’ve kept with it for about 10 months with some ebbs and flows. I’ve met the goals I had set for myself and am busy setting more. As I look back on my life, I’ve achieved most of the goals I’ve set for myself. Some were pie in the sky dreams, but I’ve reached those dreams. I just need to remind myself that I am capable. And as a single woman, I have no one to blame for my roadblocks except myself.



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