Reflecting on another breakup

I had learned long ago not to count on things. Every time I planned or looked forward to something, I’d be disappointed. Okay. Not every time, but the vast majority.

I had stopped planning, stopped setting goals. Stopped being me.

I met someone earlier this year who taught me how to plan and set goals again. Opened up my world again.

The past few months have been filled with wonderful adventures and talks of the future.

Unfortunately, just as I had become accustomed to planning and looking forward to events, this man has exited my life.

Ironic how this reinforces my previous thought process — don’t look ahead because best made plans….so often go awry.

Yet, somehow I have peace.

I’m not sure how I’m finding this peace. It could be because I felt this coming. I just knew. Not be negative, but I something felt off.

I am thankful for the times I had and having my eyes opened again. And in my heart, I know it’s not me. It’s him.

In the midst of yet another breakup – I have been reminded of some amazing friends I have. And I’m more than thankful for them. I am blessed to know some truly incredible people.

I will do some meditation tonight, ask the angels for guidance and thank them for the people who want to stay in my life.  



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