The under-rated top performer – the Admin

I never really gave much credit to the secretarial field (no offense intended). I had aspired to make my own mark rather than working for someone in a support role. Now after many years in business, I realize that most roles are support roles in one form or another. We work for people with deliverables to other teams and individuals. Unless you are at the top of the corporate ladder, you’re supporting someone else. Even CEOs are supporting shareholder  and Board member goals, so none of us are “free” from being accountable to someone.

As the years have passed (and thinking back on my brief stint as a temporary Admin many, many years ago), I’ve come to the conclusion that being an Administrative Assistant is much like being the mom of the office environment – they take care of all of us in ways we don’t even notice sometimes.

  • They make sure our desks are set up when we arrive.
  • They always ensure that we have what we need (as long as we ask nicely).
  • They set up travel plans.
  • They communicate necessary information about goings on.
  • They order lunch (keeping dietary needs in mind) and make sure coffee is available.
  • They make sure all gatherings are set up just right (meetings and team building events).
  • They remember birthdays and company anniversaries.
  • They set up the necessary appointments (meetings).
  • They always know who to talk to if there is a problem.
  • They circle back to ensure that things are done correctly.
  • They know where to get the best sweet treats.
  • They listen. And remember.
  • They smile a lot (when they like you).
  • They are protective of the team.

At the highest levels, Admins handle much more than general staff support. They cross over into personal arenas. It’s a job that isn’t given the credit it deserves.

Our jobs would be much more difficult without the support of our Admins.

Although today isn’t Administrative Professionals Day, I want to give a shout out to all of the Admins and say, “Thank you for all you do!


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