I am surrounded by people who inspire me with everything from their outlook on life to their accomplishments to their quiet grace. Many of these people I am blessed to call friends. Some I know only through their writing or art.

I am in awe of those who follow their dreams. Who find a way to be who they are – in their soul. It’s such an amazing accomplishment and way of life.

Unfortunately, sometimes I wallow and let my lack of success in certain venues fall prey to Envy – such a horrid thing that most people succumb to at one point or another.

The key, I know, is to continuously remind myself of my accomplishments and where I am in life. I have done well in so many areas. Yet I still compare myself, my life to others. Such a mistake.

Some days its a difficult task to hike myself up by the figurative bootstraps and become inspired rather than allow myself to wallow.  Today is one of those days. Five steps forward; eight steps back.

Yet tomorrow is another day. Another wonderful opportunity to move myself closer to the me I want to be.

It’s a blessing to have so many inspirations so close. I am most fortunate and I am as worthy of being an inspiration to someone else as they are to me.

Thank you to all of the amazing people out there for following your dreams and being true to your nature. You have no idea what impact you have.


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