Who Am I?

As I move into the next phase,

the next day,

of life

I find myself continually reminded

of the person I am,

the person I have not successfully been.

I strive to move forward.

To improve.

Yet feel tethered to the ways of the past.


I have broken free physically.

Yet the damage has been done.


Time does heal.

I see how far I’ve come

in a short timeframe.

Yet feel change should move faster.


I remember who I was.

Long ago.

I feel her stepping forward,

Yet afraid to fully appear.


I am thankful for the scars

that no one can see directly.

The scars that are held deep within.

They’ve made me stronger than

I could have imagined.

Yet I long for my unscarred soul.


I am who I am.


Yet find myself apologizing frequently.


A contradiction of everything

continuously repeats in my thoughts

and my actions.

I don’t know the person I shall be


Or the day after.

Yet am standing solid in me today.


I am confident that the future

will bring more challenges

and infinite joy.

The person I am will shine through

more each day

bringing new opportunities

new adventures.

Yet still I am unsure exactly who I am today.





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