Search Terms and Blogging

One of the biggest challenges for me in writing this blog’s posts is to select search terms. I do not claim to understand how the wonders of the internet work, but I do know that I need to add some general search terms to my pieces to help the magic happen.

For some odd reason I am greatly entertained by the search terms that lead people here to The Forgetful Genius. Many, obviously, are about being a genius, knowing or dating a genius; being forgetful; and Italian men. The “men topic” is a huge draw, I’m sure because of one particular post I wrote about my infatuation with Italian men, as well as other posts about my love for Italy.

Today I found one of the greatest search terms yet that brought someone here, “Are ostriches forgetful.” Apparently the post I wrote about my crazy Fellini-esque dreams and my ostrich dream combined with my “name” worked. Hey – whatever gets people here.

As a new blogger, I’m never quite sure what to write about, so it’s a treat to see what brings people here. Judging by the statistics, I need to write more about Italian men, Italy and genius type stuff. Luckily I have an Italy obsession, so I’m good with that. Maybe I’ll have to throw in some stories about random creatures like Nessy, sloths and frogs to see who else happens by. I also have on deck a story about schizophrenia and a video with dancing gummy bears in it that I need to finalize and get posted.

In the meantime – Thank YOU for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Search Terms and Blogging

  1. I share with you three or four ideas: a) the problem of search terms
    B) my love of Italy , c) not knowing how to get people here etc.etc,
    (I’m not even a genius , imagine how difficult is this for me……)
    Well , I ‘ve decided to talk about something I have experimented and want to share: that’s all!
    At least one is satisfied=me!

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