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I love blogs that include just the right amount of photos and graphics in their posts. I don’t want to read one sentence and have to scroll past a photo to read another single sentence before yet another photo appears. But a few photos, depending on the topic are always nice, in my opinion. I just like them. I’m visual, so I don’t “NEED” them, but I like to se what the writer had in mind.

To that end, I want to clarify that the photos on my site are my own. I haven’t pilfered or borrowed or bought. They each have a particular memory associated with them. I think I should add more to my page, but all in time. All in time….

My header photo was taken atop Jungfraujoch in Switzerland. The highest train station in the world. Unbelievable site. I’m not a rock climber aspiring to navigate Mt Everest or anything else, so I don’t anticipate ever being that high again. However, given the opportunity, I’d happily hop on that train from Interlaken and settle in for the amazing ride. The edelweiss on the hillsides. The random waterfalls. The peace. And, let me not forget to mention the IceCastle inside the glacier. Amazing. I actually walked inside of a glacier. Yes, I did.

The photo of the hands that follows me around on comments, etc, is a sculpture in Como, Italy. Behind it you can see the stairs that lead to the Como train station. To me, there is something incredibly profound in those hands. I have yet to find the meaning behind them, but I love them. They seem gentle, caring, welcoming.

I truly enjoy the photos on other blogs that are taken by the writer. There is so much to be said for trying to look at something through another person’s eyes.



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