Broken Dreams

I’m a firm believer in making what you want happen. If you can dream it, you can be it.

All of those feel good motivational phrases that are supposed to fill your soul and inspire you to keep moving forward.

I get it. I really do.

But, what I don’t understand is… If I have been dreaming it, why hasn’t it happened yet?

I look around and see other people living the life I’ve been dreaming. The life I had planned.

I have always been confident that I could do what I plan, what I dream. But… my life has changed completely. I am now starting over.

It’s frustrating.

I am not a quitter. It’s just not my nature.

But I’m angry (see my other post). I’m aggravated. I’m getting tired of fighting an uphill battle.

Some people just seem to have it so easy. (Yes, I know, the highlights reel.) They seem to have things just fall into place.

Have they just been that incredibly fortunate to find the path they are meant to follow?

If I was on the right path, wouldn’t things be getting better instead of worse?

I know I need to keep dreaming my dreams. Keep moving forward. One day at a time.

I need to find a way to piece my dreams back together.

I know where I want to be. When I get there, it’ll be a lot different from what I had originally imagined… Only because my biggest dreams are being rearranged and then put back together. I need to have faith that they will be as beautiful as I had imagined in the beginning.





8 thoughts on “Broken Dreams

  1. it is really upsetting when things are not going your way. My dear friend, in times like this, I will stop, breadth and think what’s next…I’ve read your other post, and I can agree no more that crying is useless.
    I’ve been down somewhere this path few years back too.. My hubby and myself were in a rocky situation back then.. I took it a day at a time and taking small steps to recovery..
    I hope things will turn out alright on your side *BIG HUGZ*

    • Thank you Wisher.
      I think I needed to put it out in the universe and acknowledge how I’m feeling. If I keep stifling my feelings, I’ll be stuck.
      We all need to hike up our boot straps sometimes and focus on the good, but acknowledge that our feelings are what they – neither good nor bad, just how we feel.
      Thank you for the hugs. Back at you.

  2. Sometimes you need to hear your own voice speaking aloud … really focus the problem..
    So it happens, when you see your thoughts written down……
    Everything turns clearer , it seems you can tell priorities from minor pains ,then, and so start towards the right direction….
    Experience , taught me that!

  3. I can complete relate on this one! I’ve had my dream, said my prayers, and still am no where near where I had planned on being. I’m not much of a goal setter. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, despite being in the same career field for 18 years and for being with the same employer for the past 13. The only time I truly felt like “Hey, I found it! This is what I’m supposed to be!” was when I had became a mother and was playing wife for my then-fiance. 3 months later, that “dream” was dashed (in hindsight, I probably was pardoned from a fairly awful sentence). BUT…I keep going. My dreams aren’t broken…they can’t be, I don’t dream them anymore. And that’s ok. This post made me think of the saying “Life is not about the destination, its about the journey there.” The journey isn’t always easy, but hopefully you can smile more than you cry along the way. And if you can laugh, even better!

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