Feeding My Soul

I sat down the other morning to do a little writing, peacefully, while the house was still waking up.

As I booted up my computer I thought it was the perfect time to catch up on a new show I had DVRd. (I am a fantastic procrastinator.) I’d been awaiting this new series about Davinci since I had heard of it.

I am a huge nerd when it comes to the Renaissance. Particularly anything related to Italy, its birthplace, of course.

I am no Renaissance expert, but my soul comes alive when I learn or talk about anything related to the Renaissance or the pre-Renaissance/post-Dark Ages era. I will confess that so much of the writing I’ve done over the years has been based in the now. However, I have come up with an idea (or perhaps The Fates gave it to me) that messes that era with the now. I have been working on the idea and have been trying to write my book (finally) the past few days and haven’t posted.

I am confident that many of the fantastic writers on this site are also working on a book or publication of some kind. I’m not alone. It’s nice to find kindred spirits here. You all inspire me.

My soul seems different when I feed it with those things I feel, not just see or read or touch.

How often do we stop to feed our souls? In my case, it’s not enough.

(BTW – I feed my soul with great music, too. If you haven’t heard the Train/Daryl Hall arrangement of “Wait For Me,” look it up and give it a listen. The talent is truly inspiring.)



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