The Perks of Being Incarcerated

In listening to the first hand accounts of solitary confinement, it would take a very hard person not to question for at least a moment the humanity of putting a person in a cell alone for days at a time.

Imagine living alone, with no one to talk to in a small, windowless room. Alone. No one to talk to. Maybe you’d have exercise outside of the room for an hour or two every day. Besides that, it’s just you. No one else.

In my exhausted state, I might consider it. For a few hours at the most. Just to sleep.

I can’t imagine how it must feel to be locked up, all alone with nothing except your thoughts and no way to get them out – no pen and paper. Nothing.

However, I’m really annoyed with people droning on and on about how prisoners “deserve” this, that or the other thing.

People are in prison for a reason. They broke the law and were sentenced to incarceration.

I find it extremely difficult to feel bad for these men and women who complain about their poor prison conditions. It seems to me to be a pretty clear cut situation. If you are in prison (not county lockup overnight), you are there for a reason. The only things you NEED are food, water, a place to sleep and a bathroom. Let’s throw in clothing, because the world doesn’t need to see your junk.

Let me stop here for a moment and say that, yes, I am a liberal, but I’m not a bleeding heart. Some things really get under my skin.

Why should people who broke the law and were convicted be able to have cable TV, exercise equipment, air conditioning, education and a life of virtual leisure? Too many families follow the law, work hard and still don’t have the access to three hot meals per day, health care and other “perks” of being incarcerated.

Yes, I understand that solitary confinement is a horrible punishment. BUT, why are these people put in solitary? Because they couldn’t behave. I don’t feel awful about additional punishment for people who continually misbehave. We live in a civilized society and there are standards by which we all need to live. Learn them.

How is it okay that people can break the law, misbehave in prison, then cry, “Foul,” over their treatment? Did you create a shiv out of your pen? Did you know it was against the rules? People who continually break the law don’t deserve my sympathy.

My money is going to feed my family and we don’t have three hot meals a day. Sometimes it’s a bagel for breakfast and my daughters skip lunch (okay, yes, voluntarily). I follow the rules. I don’t break the law. I’m accountable for paying for myself.

What are these people doing? Working out. Watching tv. I’m crying, “Foul!” to my money going to support them.

I’m tired of hearing the complaints. If you don’t want to be punished, don’t break the law. Isn’t that a simple concept? Don’t cry to me about how you were put in solitary three different times. Boo hoo    You obviously didn’t learn your lesson the first time.


I’d love to hear other thoughts on this.


4 thoughts on “The Perks of Being Incarcerated

  1. I am in 100 % agreement with you on this. You’ve said it all, so I feel no other comment is needed, really. I’ve never been on a jury but I doubt that I would be picked – I am “an eye for an eye” kinda gal; let the punishment fit the crime, if you will. Someone rapes a kid? Cut his junk off. Cut his fingers off, too, for that matter. Bomb a city, injuring hundreds with pieces of shrapnel? Use the old “die of a thousand cuts” trick! “To the pain” from “The Princess Bride” makes me laugh cuz that is exactly how I like to think people should be punished. But that’s just me.

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