Fundraising Hell

I hate school fundraisers.

I was all about helping out when the kids were in preschool where we paid tuition at a small church school and they needed the funds.

But all of these fundraisers have really gotten old. Every single time I turn around someone else needs to sell something.

I love my kids, but I’m so tired of seeing the envelopes coming home all the time. Honestly, my kids aren’t that involved in that many things, so I can only imagine if I had more than three kids and they were involved in every single sport and extracurricular activity. I think I would go insane.

I go to work and there are fundraisers there, too. Before I had kids, I’d always help out. And, I’ll support the Scouts because I love the cookies and popcorn. But, I just don’t have the cash or the social network to participate in every fundraiser that comes home.

My poor kids are pretty much accustomed to me ignoring the fundraisers. Unless, of course, we want some frozen cookie dough.

But, really, do I need any magazine subscriptions? Nope.

Am I that wrong?

It’s not that I’m against helping out where needed. I buy root beer for the dances and bake goodies for parents’ night.

It’s that unspoken guilt if you don’t participate in fundraisers. Those moms look down at the parents who don’t participate. It’s awful.

I’m done feeling guilty. I’m not saying yes to every single fundraiser that comes home. I’m taking back control of this craziness that has become fundraiser hell.

I’m I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I just know it.


3 thoughts on “Fundraising Hell

  1. Very interesting. And for a non-American, quite hard to understand:) What are these fundraisers? I mean the international definition is people asking for money for social causes and the like. But why from kids? I would have thought they’d target businesses and the like?

    • I hadn’t considered that – how it is an American thing.
      Fundraising for sports/activities is to raise money for equipment or travel or uniforms. Yes, they do have sponsors from businesses, they do also sell items to raise additional funds.
      While I understand and completely agree with it on one level, it quickly becomes out of control with so many fundraisers going on. Truthfully, my kids go to a wealthier district where they don’t need as much extra funding. Smaller schools and schools that need the funding — I can understand it better.

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