It. Whatever “it” is, is magical.

Every once in a while we come across someone who just has IT.

It’s almost impossible to describe what IT is, but it’s something that draws you to a person.

I’ve heard IT described at fate, a chemical reaction, pheromones, a meeting again of someone you’ve just always known (life after life) or any number of different things. Impossible to put a number on how often this happens in your life or give a true reason behind it. IT just is.

Now, I’m not necessarily talking about THE ONE. I’m talking about walking down a street and that person just seems to draw you to him/her. No rhyme or reason. You weren’t even looking in that direction. But, once you see that person, you just want to keep looking. You want to keep looking. Maybe even follow, not in a crazy stalker kind of way, but in the hope of getting closer.

Maybe s/he isn’t even the kind of person who would typically catch your eye. But there is just that something special. Something just magical. No other way to explain IT. Yes, magic conjures up glitter and wands and spells. But, it almost seems as if something has taken over and you can’t think straight. That person is there, in your head. For an undetermined amount of time.

What if you never see that person again? What if you do? What would you say? What would happen?

The biggest question of all — Did that person feel it, too?

The times in my life that I’ve felt IT have been pretty significant. My first love. My (now ex-) husband. One of my best friends. But, there have been, of course, other times, when I’ve seen someone who has made me so timid I wasn’t sure what to say. Someone who had IT, yet The Fates or Destiny or whatever you believe didn’t bring us together for more than friendship or a brief, “Hello.” Some of those times, my friends would look at me, then make comments that made it clear that they didn’t feel IT.

As I type this, I, of course, have someone in mind who I recently crossed paths with who has IT. Even the thought of whatever IT this person has brings a smile to my face.

Whatever IT is…. chemical, pheromones, Fate, old souls meeting again… IT is a wonderful thing.


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