What Would Your Highlights Reel Show?

Talking with my friends today, they really made contemplate (again) what I’m doing wrong in my head. (As if I’m not getting this message enough from the Universe.)

I think if most of us stop and dwell on the circumstances “against” us, it’s overwhelming. But, when we sit and count our blessings and all of those things we have on our side, it’s even more overwhelming.

In this same vein, I also read something on someone’s wall today that made me stop and think.

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel. (Steve Furtick)

I’ll have to agree. I get so down on myself when I see everyone’s photos of their perfect families and wonderful vacations then reflect on my lack of vacation, broken family….parents I can’t count on. But, what really is going on in everyone else’s home? I have no clue. And it’s not my business.

I have written, in brief, about the issues I had in my marriage that no one knew about. Looking in from the outside, we were pretty wonderful. Three beautiful kids. A minivan and a Volvo (for a period of time). A Golden Retriever. We both worked marketing jobs. A “normal” upper middle class family. No one had any idea how miserable I was. How tormented we both were in our own minds.

Have you ever sat and tried to read between the social media postings? Tried to read people’s body language in their pictures. Looked in their eyes to decipher what’s really going on? I’m big into reading meaning behind words. Often I’m wrong. Frequently I’m correct.

People only share with the world what they choose.

Think about it, if you had only to show your highlights reel to someone, what would it include? How far back in your life would you have to pull from to add to your highlights? A month ago? Yesterday? Five years? Ten?

But, if you gave it deeper thought and really got personal, what do you have right now inyour life that you had dreamt of as a child? Is it a particular type of house in the neighborhood you liked? Is it the dog you always wanted? Two kids? A car? A career? Even 10 pair of shoes? Did you read that book series? Did you visit “that place?” Did you meet “the one?”

I’ll tell you… I have amazing kids. I live in the town I wanted. I have dogs. I have a piano. I have a house (not just a home). I have a creek in my backyard. I have a firepit. Sure, these are all physical things, but they are accomplishments. It took a long time to get here. I’ve also gone to some amazing places. Met amazing people. These are all part of my personal highlights reel.

Run a highlights reel in your head that you wouldn’t share with anyone else. What do you have now that you always wanted?



4 thoughts on “What Would Your Highlights Reel Show?

  1. To be honest, I probably only have one thing that I’ve been searching for or wanting all my life – I had a very long and annoying pit stop on my journey…but I’m getting there.
    Love this post. Very thoughtful and I LOVE that quote.

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