The Glamorous Life of White Trash

Reality TV is some seriously fascinating and disturbing stuff.

I’ll admit that I am hooked on Mob Wives. I’m not sure why. I watch these women and I just don’t understand what I’m watching half the time. They scare me. Maybe that’s the point. I would LOVE to sit down and have a martini with Big Ang. Beyond that, I’m really not sure I’d like to cross paths with any of the other women.

I will also admit that I have a deep fascination with the mob. I have for several decades now. I studied Italian culture during college. I walked toward the mob hit I saw near the Spanish Steps in Rome in 1993. I didn’t look away when the obvious Mafioso stared me down as he ran toward that same hit (as my friend panicked beside me). I was flattered when a Mafioso approached me in Assisi and was disappointed to learn that I wasn’t Italian. (I still wonder what would have happened if I had told him that I was Italian.)

I’m that person. Morbid curiosity.

My daughters watch horrible shows (as if I can throw stones) about teenage pregnancy and hillbillies running wild. I can’t stomach those. They say they learn what not to do, but then they tell me they find great ideas, too. Oh sweet God……

I crack up watching The Jersey Shore. I am oddly disgusted and fascinated by that show, partly because I worked in NJ for more than a decade.

I’ve watched the survival shows; love the music competitions; eagerly await each new episode of “old” musician’s family shows (I LOVE OZZY and Gene cracks me up!) and do glean some business tips on occasion from The Donald. Even the ever-expanding and multi-wife family shows catch my interest, but, it’s more the major white trash shows that keep me shaking my head wondering how “these people” are earning millions of dollars while I’m sitting hear typing on my computer trying to make a living.

Why does our society glamorize the inability to speak proper English? I just don’t understand.

My kids pick up some of the dialect from these shows (and I’m not talking Ozzy’s mumbling – which would just make me laugh) and my ears bleed. How is this okay?

Yes, I understand that these are short-lived shows, typically. But quite a few of these reality TV “stars” have gone on to create quite a celebrity existence for themselves. For what? Being trashy. Where has glamour and class gone?

I try to instill a sense of responsibility and decorum with my kids (while still having a bad sense of humor). I bust my butt at a “normal job,” follow the rules, dot my Is, cross my Ts, enunciate my words, don’t get into bar fights and dress fairly well. What do my kids see paying off more? All of my efforts or acting like trash and making millions from reality TV?

hmmmmmmm…. Time will tell.


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