You don’t know what’s best for me. Really – you don’t.

I don’t know what it is about me that makes people give me “enthusiastic” (read – pushy and annoying) advice continually.

Maybe it’s because I’m short and am fairly unassuming looking.

But, really (read the name of my blog), I’m not stupid.

Unless your life is 100% together and you’ve walked my path EXACTLY, back the hell off.

I wouldn’t dream of telling other people that their life decisions are wrong or that they need to make life decisions a certain way. I may discuss and ask questions for my understanding, but it if affects YOU and ONLY YOU, I’m not going to tell you emphatically that you’re wrong. It’s your life – make your decisions. I am not you.

Now… I am a passionate person and will voice my opinions about social issues. But, really, I know I will not change people’s opinions. I only hope that they can view things from a different perspective – right or wrong. My opinions have been swayed by discussions with other people.

If I feel strongly about something that affects you, I may talk to you about it. Trying to have an actual discussion. Learning from you and hoping you’ll learn from me.

However, I know when to back down.

Your life is yours. My life is mine.

I will never claim to know the right path for you. I may disagree with some choices. But, they aren’t my choices to make.

You can tell me you disagree, but know when to back off. That’s all I ask.


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