What Am I Doing?

This blog has been at alternating moments cathartic and entertaining (if not purely for me).

If you’re looking for consistency in my posts, I apologize. I’m just not there yet. I think in ten different directions at once and, really, that’s what this blog has shown. Writing all of these posts has been an experiment of sorts for me. I wanted to see if I could put myself “out there.” It’s been a great experience for me.

Yes, like many others, I aspire to write books – both novels and a book for which I’ve been researching. I want to write, in general. I’ve stayed away from my book topics in this blog, but need to begin to focus more as I try to “hunker down” and put pen to paper on two long-dreamt of projects.

I’d love your feedback – good, bad and indifferent. As I said, I am unfocused with my topics – that’s the joy of being The Forgetful Genius.

I appreciate that you’ve given me a few minutes out of your days (minutes that you can’t get back). I hope I’ve made you think, given you food for thought, or maybe a chuckle now and then. Above all, I hope I’ve piqued your interested enough on a random topic or two to keep you coming back.

I have really no clue what will prompt me to write tomorrow. Hope to see you then!




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