One makes you larger and the other makes you small

I walk into the break room at work and someone is selling Scout cookies — those delightfully tempting treats which I am trying so hard to avoid since I’ve had my annual limit.

As a former Scout leader and mom of three former scouts, I do what I can to purchase cookies (and popcorn) every year.

This post is not about the cookies.

It’s about my twisted sense of what’s funny.

The person selling the cookies is really trying hard to sell them and put an open box out with the words, “Try Me,” written on it. Perfect, little, round, scrumptious cookies.

All that is now going through my head is that wonderful 60s song… and images of a hookah smoking caterpillar.

So wrong. I’m glad I’m not a Scout leader anymore. If I were, I should be stripped of my leadership role.

But I’ll be giggling the rest of the afternoon.

Feed your head.



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