Is there any way to share sunshine from state to state?

I love northeast Ohio. I truly do. I think it’s the attitude of the people I love the most. They are some of the most warm, friendly and kindest people I’ve ever met.

Granted, I have only lived in four states and haven’t traveled all that much (29? of the 50 states – including Hawaii) and five other countries. I wanted to raise my children in Ohio because I loved growing up here. I feel that it’s a great place to grow up. Not that we are without our share of 21st Century issues such as the evil that happened at Chardon High School. But we keep it real and rally around one another. I like that.

I lived for 15 years out on the East Coast in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. One thing I miss desperately from my time out there is the sun.

It is March 25, 2012, and I once again awoke to snow. While I love the snow and prefer cool weather to hot, I am done with snow and precipitation right now (much like many people in the U.S.). I am in desperate need of some warmth from that legendary big ball of bright warmth up there in the sky. (And, yes, I acknowledge that it’s either a drought or too much. But, this is the first I’ve complained of the snow this season.)

I truly had forgotten how little sun we get here in NEO (that’s Northeast Ohio for all of you out-of-town peeps). According to one research website (, even Seattle which is notorious for being overcast basks in 164 days of sunshine. These days are more specifically: 71 sunny days and 93 partly sunny days on average. Cleveland has one fewer annual day of sunshine with 163 with 66 sunny days and 97 partly sunny days. By contrast, I worked for 15 years in New Jersey where they average 205 days of sunshine – 93 of which are sunny days (not just partly sunny. Amazing how those 30+ days truly make a difference.

I don’t think I’d know what to do with 104 sunny days in Key West (plus the bonus of 155 partly sunny days)! 259 days of sunshine…. Shaking my head. Why again do I love NEO? Oh, ya, the people. Yes, the people are amazing. And we don’t have pirates. Right.

But if Key West was willing to share just of few of those sunny days with those of us who can’t travel, I’d be most appreciative.


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