The craziness that is Mayberry W-I-C-K

I’ve mentioned that I grew up in a friendly little town where everyone knew everyone.

We have managed to reconnect through these incredible social media platforms and it’s truly like we never lost touch. Even those of us who weren’t necessarily friends during school are now “talking” on a daily basis.

None of us are truly able to explain the “odd” connection we have to one another. It’s as if we had grown up in a small secluded hamlet somewhere in the middle of a field. Yet, Mayberry WICK is fewer than 20 miles outside of a major Midwestern city. We are suburban kids with great exposure to the outside world, but we still cling to one another like family.

The conversations we have on social media quickly spin out of control and it’s one of my greatest forms of entertainment.

Yesterday a benign conversation about yet another Fellini-esque dream of mine (see — that included how impossible it is to explain Mayberry WICK turned into all of us planning a “1st Annual Streaking in the Quad.”

Now, we’re all over 40 (or close to it) and there is no Quad in our hometown. Also, as it was recently pointed out, unless you’re still in college, streaking is typically a spontaneous thing….

We have at least ten 40-something men ready to participate, a bunch of women ready to distract the hometown police, take pictures and do a stride by stride commentary. Even the moms of our classmates are in on this. (These are the moms who were our homeroom moms and brought us snacks. They are our second moms who kept us safe. LOVE them!)

Rather than build a quad, the location for the event is going to be an “imaginary” quad between two popular bars down the town’s main street.

Does any of this possibly make sense to anyone other than us?

I was nearly crying, laughing as the thread about the “event” blew up with men volunteering or agreeing when we tagged them in the thread.

The guys weren’t concerned about streaking per se, just if their tan would be up to par or if it was in broad daylight or if there would be any drinking involved. No thought about legalities or anything. I love how they think! Seize the opportunity!

The best part about all of us from Mayberry WICK is that this event is, most likely, going to happen this summer.  When it does, I’ll be sure to post pictures (with all faces and “stuff” covered). This could be THE event in Northeast Ohio this summer!


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