9 Things I Love About Being Over 40

I approached 40 with a certain sense of both dread and elation. Now that I’m a few years past that milestone, I am thrilled that I am over 40. It’s amazing how a number can make a change, but it truly does. It’s symbolic, but freeing. Just a few of the things I love about being in my glorious 40s.

— I no longer worry about wearing lovely gardening hats outside. I pick a new one every year.

— I can, without explanation, take a nap in the middle of the afternoon and not feel guilty.

— I can say, “back in the day,” and giggle about it, but I still have credibility about how it “used to be.”

— I am more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have been.

— I am more confident in who I am and in pursuing my dreams with no explanations needed.

— I am unapologetic about my opinions and feel free to speak my mind.

— I feel that I still have the time to achieve what I want.

— I know that I have enough experience behind me to know what I don’t want and to avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made in my past.

— I can laugh at myself easily.


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