I wish I was back in college

College was a great time. Being an adult without all of the “real” adult responsibilities. Endless opportunities to learn. Endless opportunities to meet people. Just an amazing all around experience.

Why I was so eager to leave? Stupid student loans. And a naïve desire to earn a living.

Had I thought about it more, I would have stayed. Gotten a graduate degree. And just stayed. Maybe have become a professor like I had dreamed.

One of the best parts of my college experience was my roommate. She was/is one of the funniest people I have ever met. I still tell stories about her, as if it was just yesterday. It seems like yesterday. I met her my first day at school at our job in the dorm cafeteria and we quickly became friends. We cooked next to each other at the grills. We served food. We partied. We hung out. We were roommates our last two years. She’d take care of me and make sure nothing horrible ever happened and I took care of her. It worked.

As an adult I look back on those days with a smile. And days like today, with a sad smile of nostalgia. One of the things I miss most about being her roommate was the silent competition we’d have over dishes. We would let those dishes pile up in the sink until we ran out of room and every last dish, glass and piece of silverware was used. It was a battle of wills to see who would cave first and wash them. Every other person who roomed with us in the years we lived together would cave before we did and we’d sit there with glee as they washed the dishes. It was just….fun.

I adopted this battle of wills with my ex-husband. He quickly became the dishwasher. giggle

Now that I’m single again with three kids and a constant pile of dishes in the sink, I feel like I’m always losing the battle of the wills. It makes me sad. Then I think of what my college roommate would be doing at that moment. She’d be sitting at my kitchen table, smirking at me as I washed the dishes. Every. Single. Day.

I really wish I was back in college so someone would play the game with me and I might actually win once in a while.


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