OCD, ADD, OPP – OMG What is wrong with me?

Seriously? I can’t keep one thought going for more than 10 minutes tops.

Back in the day (I LOVE being old enough to use that phrase) there were only a few labels and a lot of kids who liked to daydream. That’s about it. Nowadays everything and everyone has a label. Is it really helping anyone?

Yes, labels help medical coders when they are filing claims with insurance companies who will ultimately make decisions over what they will pay (or not). Note: This is a sore spot for me today that I will address another time.

Yes, labels help educators get kids specialized help to encourage them to complete their education as far as they are able.

Yes, labels help employers be able to say, “We employ 47% women and 40% of them are minorities.” Well, throw yourself a party!

As I write this, even I see the ridiculousness. It’s all about the paperwork. It’s all about differentiating. Sometimes it helps. But who does it help? Does it help the individual or does it help “the system” that is using the coding?

Doesn’t it cause more of an issue for each of us, particularly children, to have MORE labels? You have ADD, OCD, ACM, SM, POTS. You are black, white, Asian, African American, Cuban, have green eyes, brown hair. Your nose is funny. You down with OPP?It’s just one more thing to differentiate us.  

To top it off, all of these labels and letters smushed together have created an entirely new language, too. I get so confused. Should I even admit that? The people “in the know” give you the look when you don’t know what you’re talking about when you say the entire phrase (even if you do it for clarity). Yet, if you don’t spell it out, you risk being misunderstood. WTF

OMG my head hurts now.



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