I live you. Yes, autocorrect, you got that one right!

We’ve all seen those crazy autocorrect screen shots. Some of them are absolutely, cringe-worthy hilarious and some are just so outrageous they can’t be real. A skeptic by nature, I can’t help but “know” that many of them were staged for our entertainment.

Nonetheless, in this era of text messaging rather than using that same cellular device (is that still the correct terminology?) to actually make a call, most of are both thankful for and daily curse the autocorrect feature. That “little” program can change everything about your message if you aren’t careful.

As a mother of three (almost always) delightful children I have adopted many misspoken words into my vocabulary over the years. I compare these changes to real life autocorrect.

  • Birds were “boogas” for years thanks to my oldest. She has a nice little figurine which she inherited from my grandparents that I continue to call the “booga of happiness” even though I receive an eyeroll every time.
  • Puppies were “puddies” when I was growing up thanks to my brother and I. That was in my vocabulary for a very long time.
  • Instead of bend over, my kids said “bound it down.” To this day, I still don’t understand that one.
  • All three of them like to say “I suv you” instead of “I love you.” It works in our house.
  • Our poor dogs have more nicknames than would take up an entire additional blog.

My point here is that I’m not against the “cute” changes to the English language that kids bring or even misspellings, etc. I have added in a few words in other languages to my kids’ vocabulary when I can.

  • “Andiamo” means “Let’s go” in Italian. They know I’m serious when I say that.
  • “Hai capito” means “You understood” in Italian. I say that just to annoy them.
  • “Dupa” is just yet another great word for butt, derriere, ass, hind-end.

I will be forever thankful to autocorrect for “I live you.” My kids are now accustomed to me texting that instead of “I love you” on occasion. The truth is – I do live them. I more than love them. Everything I do is for them. Okay, that’s a bit of exaggeration, but 90% of my day is about them – earning money to support them, taking care of the house in which we live, washing their clothes, being a mom. Prior to being a mom, my life was about me. I lived for me. But, now, I live for them. I want them to be there for them, be present, but also do things that make them proud of me.

So, thank you autocorrect for making me look at things a little differently. And, yes, kids, I really do live you. And I love you, too.


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