I love my snooze alarm. My narcolepsy loves it, too.

This morning as I repeatedly hit my snooze alarm for about 40 minutes (I can do that because I’m single), I realized how much I truly love the ability to go back to sleep.

Instantly I fall back into my at Fellini-esque dreams where anything goes. Or, I can just lie there with not a worry in the world that I will not get up in time (this is all relative because I don’t wear a watch and realized long ago that time goes quickly no matter what). I actually set 2 separate alarms on my phone because I have been known to hit “cancel” by accident when I mean to hit “snooze.” This way, I have a fail-safe.

I’m not sure if I love my snooze alarm because I love to sleep or because my narcolepsy loves to take control as much as possible. I was diagnosed several years back with a very mild form of narcolepsy (meaning I can fall asleep and dream within minutes). The doctor suggested medication to keep me awake during the day. That would have been in addition to my anxiety medication which kept me from calling 9-1-1 every night due to the heart attack I only thought I was having. (I’m now almost completely off the anxiety meds after 8 years and less than 2 months post-divorce. Yea me!) I also have been on anti-migraine medication due to constant headaches from a degenerative condition. In any event (let’s open up the dysfunction suitcase here), addition runs deep in my family and I am 2 pills away from easily becoming a junkie, so last thing I wanted was one more medication. So, I adapt.

I may nod off during meetings in Corporate America (that’s always fun) from time to time, but from my experience, ginseng helps. Caffeine is worthless anymore. I used to get the jitters from coffee, but it doesn’t do much and I’m not a huge fan, so why bother? The occasional Mountain Dew is nice though. It’s just enough to keep my eyes open during long afternoons in front of my computer. I do appreciate the fact that I can fall asleep in two minutes. In a car. On the couch. In a comfy chair. Even sitting straight up at times. Ahhhhh sleep. I love it. I need to stop writing about it because it’s early and I’m making myself tired.

I digress. This was supposed to be about my love for my snooze alarm, which I greeted many times today and dreamed in between. (I thought about this blog, too.)

Thank you, snooze alarm, for those extra moments when I can wrap up my dreams and wake up smiling. (Some days anyway.)


2 thoughts on “I love my snooze alarm. My narcolepsy loves it, too.

  1. I didn’t know about the ginseng thing. Yet another useful tip from the Forgetful Genius! And congrats on getting off the anxiety meds. That’s awesome.

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