Amazing what a little color will do

The house I’ve been living in for the last 2-1/2 years is green. Not the outside, the inside. Not a nice, happy green, but a dreary dark not really olive, but not really any other color green either. It’s just not pleasant. With the exception of the three “other” bedrooms, the 2 front rooms and 1-1/2 bathrooms (and the unpainted, finished basement), the previous owner must have just loved green. The other colors are just as drab. It’s depressing.

I was able to persuade my ex-husband to paint the hallways and stairwell a bright, but subtle tangerine-type color that actually matched the green and the plain not-quite-off-white, not-quite-tan in the front rooms. The kids went crazy with a Star Wars (Tattooine) themed room for my son (who has now outgrown that theme), a hot pink/white/black room for one daughter and a deep pink/turquoise room for the other daughter. I recenty painted our family room in a subtle gold/yellow and brick red (that had to match the green). But, then the rest of the house… is just green.

I love green, in general. I love the greens the spring brings. Am in awe of the different colors outdoors. They are energizing, but my bedroom is just depressing.

After my ex moved out, I bought myself a feminine comforter in a beautiful plum and grey (to hell with matching that damn green) and bought matching plum-colored curtains. But, I can rarely use the comforter because my dogs are always on the bed and I don’t want them snagging the embroidery, so I’m stuck with an ugly old brown comforter that matches the green. Sigh.

Now that I’ve had a couple of months to think about color choices and just received my tax return I spoiled myself this weekend. I went and bought paint for my bedroom and bathroom. I was able to pick two different colors for my bathroom because it’s a split room – sink semi-connected to my bedroom and shower in a separate room. Believe it or not, I picked a green, but a beautiful green that makes me smile when I walk over by my sink since I painted that area yesterday. It’s such a happy color. I painted most of my shower room today a subtle lavender (until I ran out of paint). After 2-1/2 years of rolling my eyes when I looked at the walls, I’m smiling.

But now my bedroom looks worse. More dark and dreary than ever. The paint is waiting for me to get started and if I wasn’t so tired tonight, I’d do so. I promise myself that I’ll get more lavender paint tomorrow to finish my shower room, then get started on my bedroom this week. I think I’ll even add a light lavender wall in my bedroom. Just because I can. It’s just me now, so why not?

It’s truly amazing what a little color can do to brighten a mood. I’m already thinking about colors for the office since that will be my next project. I can’t wait!



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