It’s on! The battle of the blogs!

I grew up in a small suburb in NE Ohio that was, and still is much like Mayberry. Everyone knows everyone and friends are more like family. Most of the people I consider my dearest friends are those I’ve known since I was in preschool or grade school.

There is one person on this planet with whom I compete (on a friendly basis) more than any other. He has had a blog on and off for a while that has been a hit with the Mayberry W-I-C-K crew via social media and beyond. You see, not only has he been professionally more successful than I in the general sense, but he has had great success on the writing front in the media arena. So, he had also his blog “out there” on the web because he knows people. I am a newbie to this blog thing. He’s actually an established writer.

My friend, let’s just call him Pat, is just a nice guy. He’s likeable. He has a great family, a wonderful wife (whom I also consider a friend), great friends, is athletic, intelligent and has a great sense of humor. I, on the other hand, while I have great kids, have had a decent career, have great friends, am completely unathletic, am recently divorced, am really floundering with where I belong on this planet. Pat just has his stuff together. I clearly don’t. One thing that he will NEVER beat me at is cynicism. I ROCK at that crap. I have a heart of gold (yes, he does, too), but man, I can be just down right evil. I embrace that side of me. I can look at such a beautiful situation and see how it can all fall apart. Ya. And I’ll giggle to myself.

Now, I’ve seen that schaudenfraude in Pat, too. I think that’s where this entire competition thing began. When we were seniors in high school, I was kicking his ass in grade point averages, but in the last semester they counted he beat me by .005. That’s it. Instead of being gracious, he took his place beside me in the Top 10 in our graduating class, leans over and whispers, “HA! I win.” Now he claims not to remember this. I cannot forget. Not to say that I wouldn’t have done the same to him. But those three words have lit a fire under me since then.

Pat took a hiatus from blogging and recently posted his return about his most recent success in regard to weight loss. I’m sitting her on my overweight ass lamenting daily about how I really need to drop these lbs and he’s just getting his speedo body back. Yes, I’m happy for him. We’re over 40 and really need to ensure we’re healthy for the next half of our lives. I do agree. Okay. Fire lit once again. One of these days – in our adult years, I’ll at least be in the same race he’s running. (Did I also mention he runs competitively? I can barely walk down my driveway without getting out of breath – stupid busted up knees. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I really did blow out my knee when I fell off of a mule – that’s a story for another time.)

Yes, I know, life is not a competition. All of this is truly a friendly thing. I celebrate Pat’s victories and am right there cheering him on. Please check him out at  But, I am hereby declaring this the battle of the blogs.

I’d like to think I’m not the only one out here who has someone with whom they have friendly competitions.


8 thoughts on “It’s on! The battle of the blogs!

  1. ^^^lol! Glad you have read this, and I hope you are up for the challenge! Cause no matter who wins the battle, it’s me (and all your readers) who really win 😉

    • LOL
      I think I neglected to mention his twisted humor and love of games shows (which cracks me up). He’s appeared on two games shows already and is plotting to secure his place on at least one more. He’s very self-deprecating, which is endearing.

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